The Media Responds

From its debut at the Thorpe Gallery in Sparkill, NY and its immediate mention in the New York Times under the heading of “Crafts”, the press was smitten with the idea of Objets Vendart by Vendona.

Three months later, shortly after the first commercial installation at the Quad Cinema in New York City, a three paragraph piece appeared in New York Magazine, launching Vendart into popular culture as a modest sensation before the concept of "viral" was born. The inquiries started arriving; business owners wanting a machine for their venue, people wanting to get into the “vending machine” business, artists wanting to participate, and writers looking for a story. Everybody, it seemed, wanted a machine, to participate in the project. or wanted to tell the story of this vending machine that sold art.

I was soon struck by the range of interests from high culture represented by the magazine, “Art and Antiques” to the popular culture of “People Magazine”, to the commercial culture of, “Vending Times” and “Advertising Age”. International interest quickly followed as well.

With each of the subsequent 14 installations a new market was opened. Local, radio, TV and newspapers wanted interviews for their human interest stories.

Here, we have tried to archive this media interest. Unfortunately, the difficulty of digitizing 30 year old electronic media, radio and television, leaves our current archive incomplete. We hope to be adding these entertaining glimpses of, what was for us, very heady times.

Oct 1988   CBS Channel 6, Albany, NY feature by B. Sheehan
Jul 1987   WNYW Fox Channel 5, feature by Judy Licht
Dec 1986   CNN "Women today", produced by Kate Andrews
Mar 1986   EAST CO. INC., Tokyo, Japan, "World Wide-How Much"
Dec 1985   Nippas Productions, Japan, "New Yorking"
Nov 1985   KRON, San Francisco, Ca., by Kim Petersen
Oct 1985   WTVJ, Miami, Fla. by Katherine Couric
Sep 1985   Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Oslo, Norway by Jahn Otto Johanson
Aug 1985   WTDV, Durham, N.C. by Don Ross

Apr 1988   Monitor Radio, The Christian Science Monitor by Frank Ferrel
Dec 1987   WMCA New York City, by Paul W. Smith
May 1987   VOA Europe, "Voice of America" by Wanda Levine
Aug 1985   KUIC, Vacaville, Ca. by Kelly Dupuis
    KOI, Phoenix, AZ., by Richard Dixon
    KWHL, Anchorage, AL, by Mark Raney
    WJLK, Asbury Park, NJ, by Dick Lewis
    WABC, Palm Springs, CA
    KXOK, St. Louis, MO. by Grant Horton
    Radio 98, London, Ontario, Canada by A. Wroebel

Nov 1987     UPI by Joan Hanauer
Aug 1985     Copley Network by Mike Dale
Rip and Read by Ron Kelly


The Media

New York TimesFebruary 17, 1985
New York Times

New York MagazineMay 8, 1985
New York Magazine

The TribuneAugust 23, 1985
The Tribune San Diego

Durham Morning HeraldAugust 30, 1985
Durham Morning Herald

Pronto CoverOctober 10, 1985
Pronto U.S. Retail and Trend Monitor

The Miami HurricaneOctober 18, 1985
The Miami Hurricane

Coral Gables Sun ReporterNovember 07, 1985
Coral Gables Sun Reporter

San Francisco ExaminerNovember 20, 1985
San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco ChronicleNovember 23, 1985
San Francisco Chronicle

Chapel Hill ObserverDecember 13, 1985
Chapel Hill Observer

EntrepreneurJanuary 1, 1986

Art&AntiquesApril 1, 1986
Arts & Antiques

Success SensorJuly 1, 1986
Success Sensor

Robb ReportOctober 1, 1986
The Robb Report

InsightOctober 20, 1986
Insight The Washington Times

Success!November 1, 1986

Advertising AgeDecember 08, 1986
Advertising Age

Changing TimesJanuary 1, 1987
Changing Times

Art Business NewsFebruary 1, 1987
Art Business News

Daily News MagFebruary 1, 1987
Daily News Magazine

Atlanta JournalSeptember 16, 1987
The Atlanta Journal

Wall Street JournalDecember 09, 1987
Wall Street Journal

New York NewsdayDecember 28, 1987
New York Newsday

PaperFebruary 01, 1988

New PhysicianMarch 1, 1988
New Physician

NightlifeMarch 1, 1988

ArtApril 1, 1988

GlamourJune 6, 1988

MetrolandOctober 6, 1988
Metroland Albany

PeopleNovember 21, 1988

AlmanacJanuary 1, 1989

Durham Morning HeraldApril 9, 1989
Durham Morning Herald

LA Times CalendarMay 7, 1989
The Los Angeles Times

The ContemporaryJuly 1, 1989
Museum of Contemporary Art, LA

The ContemporaryJuly 1, 1989
Albany Review

Vending TimesJanuary 1, 1989

SFNovember 1, 1990