Artist of the Month

As the demand for art and the interest of artists quickly grew, I introduced a door called Artist of the Month. Its' immediate success led to the participation of nearly 100 different artist, many creating art for multiple doors. The inclusion of local artists created immediacy, ownership, and a sense of community with each installation.

The participating artists, (painters, writers, poets, photographers, teachers, filmmakers, sculptors, doctors, historians, hairdressers, journalists, comedians, gallerists, directors, and others) were exceptionally generous and quite brilliant in their enthusiasm for concept, execution, and ingenuity in the face of the limitation of form and remuneration. Before long we realized that a group of dedicated collectors had emerged, recognizing the substance of the work being sold for near pennies.

The concept of the ‘door’, informed only by its title, was the sole clue to the awaiting prize. For the artist, the importance of the title became paramount both in creating desirability and in many cases the whole of the concept. By beckoning the public to participate based only on a door’s title, the artist was able to directly interact with the prospective buyer.

We are very interested in Artist of the Month artists' comments, reflections, and memories. We are also looking to fill in the gaps of our archives and memories. If you recognize your work and it is mislabeled or uncredited please let us know.

We welcome your thoughts.


Craig Avner Craig Avner Bill Bamberger Link Z. Baum Max Below Max Below Eugene B. Bergman Steven C. Blank Zagreus Bowery Zagreus Bowery David Brickman Kimberly Carter Don Celender Don Cellender Citizen Kafka Kevin Coffey Mark Corrodi Pat Courtney Elmer Craig Jerry Cullum Andre De Shields Paul Dean Thalia Doukas Michael Eddins Jay Eisenberg Jay Eisenberg Kiki M Felix Flloyydd Flloyydd Bob Foltz Ruth Geneslaw Glitter Conspiracy Jane Greer Gym Dorothy Handelman Dorothy Handelman Patti Hanson Marcia Haufrecht Bryant Holsenbeck Inghild Karlsen R. Kolm & T. Zummer Haruno Iwashiro Tuli Kupferberg Jack Larimore Jennifer Lawson Wanda Levine Elizabeth Lide Donald Lipski Jeff Madoff Patricia Malarcher Patricia Malarcher B. S. McSnow Jody Marx Jody Marx Jody Marx Maximal Art Susan E. May dominique mazeaud dominique mazeaud Karen Miller & Carol Beckman Miss M's Fifth Grade Class MOFO Bernd Naber Janet Nolan Peaceworks Raphaela Pivetta RODN! Andy Ross Jill Rogers Allison Ritch Allison Ritch David Sandlin Kenny Schneider Kenny Schneider Jackie Shatz Bill Simmons Mary Crescenzo Simons Mary C. Simons Span-Yid Productions Casey Spooner Marcella Stasa Lelan Swanson Peter Thomashaw Frank Viner Frank Viner Pat Wagner Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Kenneth Weinberg Paul Weinman Paul Weinman Paul Weinman Judy Weinma. Judy Weinma. Judy Weinma. Joe White Stuart Wilson Tom Zummer Artist Unknown Artist Unknown Artist Unknown Artist Unknown Artist Unknown Artist Unknown Artist Unknown